“O u r  B o y s…. is a photographic exhibition by Davinia Kay, a photographer from Tottenham, North London.

It was exhibited in both Haringey and Hackney, featured in the Hackney Today newspaper and Photomonth East London (International Photography Festival).

Her project came about due to the youth violence that the community is experiencing and hearing the concerns that mothers have for their sons.

Davinia Kay decided to put a creative spin on a negative ordeal, capturing special moments between mothers and their sons whilst hearing their worries, concerns and hopes which accompanies each emotive image.

Where do we start? Who is responsible? What can be done? Whose problem is it?”

Ruth & Ishmael (8 yrs)

“I think it’s a little different living here (Winchmore Hill), but I still worry as someone was stabbed at a fair down the road.  However I do think it’s about bad luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Anna-Kaarina, Samuel & Tobias (1, 3 yrs)

“I mean, I don’t really worry about youth violence, living here (Upminster) with all this open space, it’s quiet.  I worry more about when they are older, getting drunk and getting in to fights.”

Tamera, Dantè & Jhaiden (17, 6 yrs)

“The violence is out of hand.  My sons 17 and I check his every move.  He is a good kid, but he may be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I love Tottenham, but I want to move to spare their lives”.

Nadia & Jarrell (14 yrs)

“It starts at home, Jerrell can talk to me about anything.  However the violence is everywhere, and some young people in gangs come from good homes.

It’s easy to stay out of it, I have friends in gangs, but I don’t want to get in to trouble I can’t get out of.  I don’t want to loose my life.”

Kate & Zack (7 yrs)

“I would have moved from Tottenham before he started secondary school, taking in to account the the friends he would gravitate towards.  A lot of the problems with young people are down to luck.  
I hope Zack will turn his back on the negative misogynistic behaviour endemic in our society which I believe fuels aggression in young men.”

Jernine & Roman (4 yrs)

“I have slight concerns, but he is a child of God.  I’m raising him in a way that youth violence will not be his path.  I believe he will be someone significant in his generation.”